Master of the Art and Science of Tea: Join Me On My Journey

This post is a continuation of  “Why Do You Like Tea So Much?” -My Backstory and Life As a Tea Specialist (And Why My Wife Wants to Kill Me).

I often get asked the question: Why do you like tea so much? I can best sum it up by looking at my tea past, present and future.


What will be next? My dream remains to attend my graduation ceremony at the World Tea Academy at the biggest event – the World Tea Expo! It will be held in June this year in Las Vegas and we hope to actually make it there.


tea master

Join me on my journey to become a Tea Master. (Image from

My educational journey will continue. I am also a member of the International Tea Masters Association (ITMA) and hope to become a Tea Master one day. Wish me luck and I am sure you will read all about it here on the blog.

I hope this website will inspire people to learn more about good quality loose leaf tea. Last summer I went to an American supermarket to learn about the range of teas offered and was quite disappointed.

Besides the usual tea bag suspects there was nothing there even close to an amazing loose leaf tea. And this has to change. Tea is the Number 2 beverage in the world besides water. I hope I can inspire you to come with me on a journey and to explore the amazing word of teas. Once you see the complexity and quality you never want to go back. One tea plant, 6 different types of teas, over 40 different countries and an endless amount of different flavored, scented, smoked, roasted, backed and blended teas, not to mention infusions.

Over the past months and working on my degree, I came up with many great ideas and thoughts and I am ready to share them with you.

One topic close to my heart is tea and water. Over 95% of tea is water and it was amazing to learn how different types of waters can have an impact on how the tea tastes. You can have an amazing tea but if you use the wrong water you will not hear the ‘voice’ of the tea and will be disappointed.

All the hard work that goes into the production of a good tea, from the nurturing of the plant to the pluck to the processing, can be undone by brewing it wrong and with the wrong water. But we will talk about this in more depth as this blog continues. Very exciting.

tea cocktails

Tea cocktails anyone? Image from

Over the past few months a new avenue opened up and I am ready to explore it. Besides brewing and drinking tea, tea can be used in many other ways such as cooking or making cocktails. Last Christmas I entertained my family with winter spice infused tea vodka cocktails. I will keep you informed about my trips to tea houses, traditional high teas, to mellow 12 minute white tea brews.

I will show you amazing techniques on how to make ice teas or how to cold brew tea.
I still have to work on what Man with a Mug will stand for and I am happy that I have Ms. Tea (aka Kristen Palana) with me on this journey to figure that out. But I am sure it will be an interesting and amazing journey and hopefully inspiring for you. I hope I can spark your desire to try new teas and teach you new ways of making tea. I hope you will seek high quality loose leaf teas and appreciate the amazing flavor these teas have.

But most importantly I would like to thank you already for being part of this journey and for your support. Please drop me a line or send in your questions. I am happy to answer them as quickly as I can. And tell your friends! Together let’s build a new world of tea believers and tea lovers.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Michael Hemling,
Man With a Mug

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