My Funny Valentine: This Tea Blog

Kristen and Michael with mugs

That’s gluhwein in our mugs, but this blog is ALL about tea.

This is guest-blogger Kristen Palana here. I’m “Ms. Tea,” Michael’s wife.

Michael’s Valentine’s Day present tomorrow is this new tea blog, Man With a Mug, and a few social media pages to go with it.

He is too modest to tell you, but he is a Tea Guru and I know you are going to love his posts about tea varieties, tea culture, and everything in between. You can also ask him questions and join/start a discussion. If you or someone you love is a Tea Lover, tell them about this site, like our Facebook Page, and (Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Michael about it…yet.) Thanks!


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  1. (From Kristen) Michael saw his gift this morning and this is what he posted on the Facebook page: “Thank you Kristen, what a wonderful gift! And thanks to everybody who already support this site, amazing! I will take you on a tealicious journey!”

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