My new favorite tea companies – the present (Part 2/2)

In the last blog post I shared my favorite tea companies from my European life when I lived in Rome, Italy.

Of course, I still enjoy visiting these stores whenever I have the chance to travel to Europe.

Asian tea culture is very different however. On top of that, Myanmar has it’s own specific quirks and environment which makes buying tea very different than in Europe.




For starters, online purchases are much more complicated, but also not needed as much in Myanmar because good quality tea is everywhere.

A trip to the supermarket (see my previous blog on this) is normally enough to find a wide range of high quality teas from around Myanmar and Asia.

Most of my premium teas were bought on my travels around the region and I built up a nice range of fresh teas of all different types.



While Mariage Freres was my go to online tea company to explore premium teas, in Asia this company is TWG.

This tea retailer has several stores around Asia and the world. As I am often traveling for my work in Thailand (our regional office), I visited several stores in Bangkok.

I also went to stores in Hong Kong as well. TWG has a wide rage of teas from all over the world.

Their staff in the stores is normally friendly and patient and will bring you the different cans of tea for you to look at and smell.

The stores have also a variety of tea equipment and tea-ware, some of them quite expensive.

Over the past year I built up a range of TWG teas to enjoy every day. The big advantage of these high quality loose leaf teas is that I only need one tea sachet per day and can re steep it throughout the day. More on this in my upcoming tea philosophy blog post.




In addition to my journeys to TWG, I like to explore local tea stores.

When we explore the culture of a new city we are visiting, I will always ask the guide to make a stop at a good local tea shop.

Over the past year I have noticed that every country is proud of their own local tea and will go to great lengths in marketing and presenting these teas in several varieties.

I still have to visit mainland China and I can’t wait for the adventures which will await me there.



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