Restarting the Man With a Mug Blog -80 Pounds Lighter!

It has been a while since my last blog post, which has mainly to do with my emergency response job at the World Food Programme here in Myanmar. Our response to battling hunger in this country is complex and requires dedicated effort and lots of time in remote locations.

In the back of my mind I continued to think about the blog and how it can add value to the tea community. And when I saw an article in a local paper, that a German tea company has placed a large order for Myanmar tea… I knew I had to start sharing my stories about this wonderful tea country again.

It is here that I am sitting yet again with one of my favorite teas, this time TWG’s Gunpowder Supreme from the Huangshan Mountains. This is when I’ve decided to  dedicate myself to restarting this blog.

My passion for tea is still alive and well. I have been running the Twitter feed of ManwithaMug and interacting with amazing people all around the word. I would like to thank you for your continuous support to ManwithaMug over the past years.

I would like my blogging experience to be as interactive as possible and I hope that you reach out to me with questions and queries about tea in Myanmar and the region.

See me as your extended eyes and ears in reaching out to this mysterious, yet amazing part of the world and learn about tea secrets and traditions to expand your mind. Please feel free to reach out to me either directly via this blog or on Twitter and Facebook. Occasionally I can also be found on Quora answering interesting questions about tea.

As summer is around the corner, this will mean time for my family and me to reconnect with our homes in Europe and the United States, even only for a short period of time. It will be the opportunity for me to explore tea development in the Western world.

I have never stopped thinking how I can expand my mind regarding tea but mostly I am still trying to find my place in the tea community. I become alive based on interaction with other tea lovers, so please continue reaching out to me. Over the past months, great things are planned, which are now in the making and I can’t wait to blog about them here and share these new developments once they are confirmed.

This past year I completely recreated my life style. I lost over 80 pounds, became a long-distance runner and a gym nut and work hard to make a better life for my family.

Tea has been an important part of this journey. I developed certain tea rituals which are precious to me daily. I have a tea chest filled with my favorite teas (most of them are from TWG, P&T and Local Myanmar teas) from which I select a daily tea every day and re steep my loose-leaf tea bag all day long. I keep a tea mug on my desk and constantly sip tea.

I made it my night time routine to enjoy a nice cup of tea with my wife, Ms. Tea. Since the brand ‘English Tea Shop’ started selling in Myanmar, they became our night time go-to tea. I am obsessed with the ‘Slim Tea’, not because I think I automatically will lose weight by drinking this tea, but because of the amazing taste and the herbs which help to promote a healthier metabolism and therefore facilitate weight loss trough diet and nutrition.

I am happy to share these thoughts with you and will work hard to bring you new information, thoughts and reflections, which will enhance your understanding of tea from a different angle.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments and watch this space for new posts coming soon.

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