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How to Learn Generosity From a Simple Cup of Courtesy Tea

Some thoughts over a cup of courtesy tea after living almost a year in Myanmar.

This is a guest post by Kristen Palana, aka: Michael’s wife, “Ms. Tea.”

It has been nearly a year now since I first moved to Yangon, Myanmar with my family. Initially I wondered if I would hate, like, or even love my new home. It’s one of the few places in my life that I moved to without having had the opportunity to visit first. (The other two were Edinburgh, Scotland and Los Angeles, CA. respectively.)

Inya Lake in Yangon

Inya Lake in Yangon

So over ten months in I can say with profound certainty that it is indeed love.  Yangon, Myanmar is the most happening city in all of Myanmar and yet it doesn’t suffer (yet) from choking smog or that boxed-in feeling you might get from Bangkok, Hong Kong, or New York City from an over abundance of giant skyscrapers blocking out the sun. Continue reading

Our Tea Ceremony – Bamboo and Yixing

Tea ceremony
This tea ceremony has been enjoyed by my wife Kristen and I. The kids are sleeping peacefully. The ceremony is dedicated to peace and harmony.

It starts off by creating an atmosphere of calm and peace. The sun has gone down and I am lighting a green tea incense and a tea candle held by a Buddha. The wonderful smell of the tea incense fills the air and the candle light reveals the stage: a large bamboo tray.

The actors are already here: my new Yixing tea pot, a smelling cup and a few drinking cups to serve the tea. As with all of my tea ceremonies, they are happy to be out of their Chinese silk boxes and participate in this ceremony.

Continue reading

My Funny Valentine: This Tea Blog

Kristen and Michael with mugs

That’s gluhwein in our mugs, but this blog is ALL about tea.

This is guest-blogger Kristen Palana here. I’m “Ms. Tea,” Michael’s wife.

Michael’s Valentine’s Day present tomorrow is this new tea blog, Man With a Mug, and a few social media pages to go with it.

He is too modest to tell you, but he is a Tea Guru and I know you are going to love his posts about tea varieties, tea culture, and everything in between. You can also ask him questions and join/start a discussion. If you or someone you love is a Tea Lover, tell them about this site, like our Facebook Page, and (Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Michael about it…yet.) Thanks!