About Michael Hemling

Michael Hemling is a Certified Tea Sommelier and Certified Water Sommelier. He began studying with The World Tea Academy in 2015 and graduated in Las Vegas in 2016. His ultimate goal is to become a Tea Master. He graduated from the Fine Water Academy as the first graduate in October 2018.

Learn about how Michael got started down this path and what the future holds: “Why Do You Like Tea So Much?” The Backstory

This website and blog details his journey and is about all things tea, including varieties, brewing tips, tea culture, and everything in between.

Michael loves to answer tea-related questions so feel free to ask them here as well as request future blog articles.

Michael Hemling was born in Neubrandenburg, Germany in 1972. He now resides in Yangon, Myanmar with his American wife Kristen and two Roman/German/American sons Lukas (9) and Nicolas (6). He works for The World Food Programme as the head of Finance and Administration.

He is looking forward in becoming a bridge ambassador between the tea and water industry, contributing with innovative solutions and inspirations. Check out his final project at the fine water academy: The world of tea and fine water.