Meet an Amazing Infusion: Neavita’s Peach and Mint

Infusions are relatively new to me. When I was a kid, everything was tea to me. When I would get sick, tea was the cure. I had a cough and a few minutes later I was given tea with mostly herbal ingredients. I got the flu, I got some Chamomile. I had a stomach pain, I would get some Melissa. It would always be served with some lemon or honey in it and was quite comforting.

Neavita’s Peach and Mint

In Germany, tea (or so I thought) is sold in pharmacies. I saw tea always as a medicine and closely linked to health benefits. In the US you don’t see this so much and tea is mostly sold in supermarkets in tea bags but is not so closely linked to health benefits.

As a tea professional I am careful with my health advice. I would like to share with you a disclaimer when it comes to health and tea:

“Disclaimer: Keep in mind, that while many herbs (non-Camellia sinensis herbs, spices, etc.) have long standing reputations for various health benefits, the ones listed here are considered to be for beverage purposes and enjoyment solely. None should be used or considered for medicinal or curative properties.”

Only later in my tea education, I would realize that if no Camilla sinensis is in the cup, it is an infusion. Another term which pops up quite a bit is tisane, which is an herbal infusion.
Many tisanes are creative blends of many different types of fruits, flowers and herbs. I would like to showcase an Italian tisane from the well-known tea retailer Neavita. I purchased this tisane at an amazing herbal store at Farfa Abbey, a Benedictine monastery near Rome.

Meet Neavita’s Peach and Mint infusion.

With piectisane 1es of peach and mint leaves as the stars on stage, a whole ensemble of supporting actors are joining them. The fruit group consists of apple, pineapple, papaya, mango joined by bamboo, hibiscus and lemongrass.

The result is a symphony of delicate fruit scents from the pulp, blooming floral aromas and what is described on the package as a melange of sweet freshness and a festive dance of colors.

The first smell is intoxicating. A whole range of aromas enter the nose in a comforting and inviting way. As the fruit pieces rehydrate and relax, mingle in the water with pedals and leafs, a delicate fragrance of sweetness fills the air. The flavor is rounded, rich and complex.

Combined the actors of this tisane show integrity, commitment to a wonderful journey and the balance of their virtues.tisane3tisane2


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